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Our Vision

Our Vision

It is the vision of this church to be an instrument in the hand of God to reach the world for Christ.

Our Mission

Our Mission

It is the mission of this church to bring the love of God into the daily lives of those with whom we live. We will be available to provide help and hope to anyone in despair.


Our Story 

Bethel Northeast is a church plant that had its beginnings in November 2010, when God instructed Bishop Eric Lambert, Jr. to begin planting churches. At that time, Pastor Tim faithfully served as youth pastor of Bethel Deliverance International Church, and after much prayer and direction from the lord, Bishop Lambert appointed Pastor Tim as Lead Pastor of Bethel Northeast.


Before starting services, Pastor Tim was given the task of assembling seven believers to start the work including his wife, Lady Shante Baldwin. Pastor Tim, along with his team of seven, sought the Lord for direction for Bethel Northeast’s location.


From that time of prayer, he was led to set up a formal meeting with the principal of Woodrow Wilson Jr. High school located in the Northeast section of Philadelphia but was not successful in his initial attempts. If anyone knows Pastor Tim’s drive and tenacity to get things done, he decided to set up an impromptu meeting with the principal and to his surprise, she was more than welcoming to the idea of having a church in her school. Her exact words to pastor were “whatever you need, you can have, because we've been waiting for someone like you to come to our school.”


Woodrow Wilson became the first official meeting place for the ministry. While there, Pastor Tim served on the parent teacher’s committee, where he helped bring positive change. During Bethel’s time at Woodrow Wilson, we were able to make a positive impact on the school community in various ways with students and teachers alike.


Noticing the rapid growth of the ministry, Pastor Tim and the team began their search for another worship space to call Bethel’s new home. After several months of searching, Bethel Northeast was led to our current location at 7770 Dungan Rd. After acquiring the space, there was a two-year window filled with uncertainty, several setbacks, and intense attacks from the enemy.


In May of 2015, Bethel Northeast finally held its first church service, but noticed a short time later that our space was yet too small. After two years of services, we acquired the adjacent space, formerly an Irish Pub, and called it the Family Life Center. With the blessings of the Lord, Bethel Northeast continues to experience phenomenal growth and has added several new members, two Sunday services, a plethora of auxiliary ministries and countless souls to the kingdom of God.


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Our Core Values

Our Core Values



 At Bethel Northeast, we believe that god is our source, jesus is our message, The holy spirit is our guide and we love God immensely and intimately.

We discover who we are in Christ so that we can love ourselves and care for others.


We love one another passionately and we truly care.



At Bethel Northeast, everything we do models excellence. Excellence is performing, loving, and living at your highest level. It means performing above the norm.

We are also very intentional. We are purposeful and deliberate in all that we say and do. Nothing is done by happenstance.



Holiness is our lifestyle. Honor is our attitude and Humility is our posture. 

Here at Bethel Northeast, we are family. We all belong and are all connected. Just joining a church is ok but joining a family means we are connected forever.



Our Leaders
MEET THE BALDWIN'S by KBVisual_edited.png

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Tim Baldwin was born in Philadelphia, PA, to Robert Samuel and Jeanne Baldwin. Growing up in West Philadelphia, Pastor Tim was a student of the Philadelphia School District and graduated from University City High School in 1989. Shortly thereafter in 1994, Pastor Tim accepted Christ as his savior. In 2001, he accepted the call to ministry under the leadership of Bishop Eric A. Lambert, II Pastor of Bethel Deliverance International Church where he faithfully served as Youth Pastor from 2004-2008 and Assistant Pastor from 2008-2010. He attended Eastern’s School of Christian Ministry, where he graduated in 2008. Following his studies there, he attended CityNet Ministries’ LAMPhilly Program, where he studied Urban Missional Theology and earned a Certificate in Church Planting and is currently Attending Missio Seminary where he is well on his way to earning a Masters of Divinity.

About First Lady

Shante Baldwin

Lady Shante Baldwin, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. When she was a kid, she never thought that this would be her life but with the Lord’s grace, here she is. Shante Baldwin is a virtuous woman, who yields to God in every area of her life. She is also wife and a mother of 3 beautiful children: Terik, Zaahir and Nevaeh. She humbly serves as an ordained minister along side her husband.  

She is a dedicated prayer warrior and intercessor, and she aims to exemplify excellence. She has a heart for women of all ages and is extremely committed to prayer while encouraging others to "Pray Through." She has served in several capacities as an impeccable leader and an example of an upstanding woman. She works to teach, encourage, equip, empower, and guide others to the heart of God.

She prides herself in bringing biblical wisdom, compassion, and integrity to the kingdom. No doubt that, through God, she is both postured and positioned for life impact. She has been called into the kingdom to assist with advancing and elevating others. 

Our Beliefs

Our Steps 

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Step One: Meet 

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Step Two: Make

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Step Three: Move

God meets you where you are 

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Step Four: Multiply 

God multiplies who you've become 

God makes you into who you've been designed to be 

God moves you to where you've meant to be 

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Step Five: Multiply Now 

God multiples you through service 

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